Family Self-Sufficiency


The Family Self Sufficiency (FSS) program is a voluntary initiative that helps families gain skills to achieve financial independence. All FSS participants must be residents of Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher or Public Housing Program with the Housing Authority of Maricopa County (HAMC).

FSS provides individual Case Management services through referrals to local support partners. FSS participants receive guidance on education, job fairs, personal development workshops, money management, wealth building and Homeownership.

Once enrolled, FSS Program Staff discusses expectations with the Head of Household and develop an Individual Training and Service Plan (ITSP). The ITSP focuses on the family's Self-Sufficiency goals over a five-year period. A formal contract is also signed between the Head-of-Household and HAMC. The contract further supports achieving all of the FSS goals.
  FSS participant families are encouraged to seek and retain employment, increase work wages and a sustained value for saving money.

Participants also have an FSS Escrow Account that allows a portion of the wage-based monthly rent they pay, to be deposited into the FSS Escrow Account. Statements are sent to participants with the escrow balance on an annual basis. In accordance with HUD requirements, the account is made available to the participant once the contract is successfully completed.

HAMC has approximately 75 to 80 clients at any given time participating in its Section 8 and Public Housing FSS programs.

Many FSS Program graduates have accumulated anywhere from $4,000-$18,000 in their accounts and have moved from subsidized housing, obtained solid careers, completed their College education and purchased homes.

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